January 25, 2022



The merchandise displayed here can be bought at Elizium events. For online orders please send an email to shop@elizium.nu.


T-Shirt 'Fall of Lucifer'
Brand: Fruit of the Loom

This T-Shirt is made to last a long time! Made of thick quality black cotton this shirt contains a small Elizium logo on the chest and a large 'E'vil-winged logo on the back with lyrics from the song Fall of Lucifer (from the Angel of Mistrust album).

Text on the back:

'You should burn brighter than the sun,
A source of Light, the righteous one
Merciful angel did no wrong,
Instead you rule in hell for times to come' - from Fall of Lucifer


Have your guitar-skills reinforced with extra melodic tragedy by using one of these Elizium branded plectrums. 

This high quality nylon plectrum is imprinted with the Elizium sword-E in silver. Thickness/gauge of the plectrum is 0.70 (medium).

Elizium_Sticker.jpg Self-adhesive full-color laminated sticker with the Elizium wings logo.