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Interview in Rock City Magazine (DE)

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German magazine Rock City interviewed Elizium about their last album.


English translation:

Tell me please our readers a little bit about your bandhistory so far...
We started as a band back in 1991 and have released three album to date, all released by STF-Records. The first years consisted mostly of finding our own direction, so we spent many years making music without releasing it, except for some demo's. It was in 2006 that we released our first CD titled 'Angel of Mistrust'. After that in 2011 the second album 'Relief by the Sun' appeared, and now we're ready to release the third, titled 'Elysium'.
During the years we did not have much changes in line-up and I think that's a real blessing, we all know and understand each other very well, which is important for the kind of music we make. It's basically our friendship that helps us understand our common feelings about the world around us and helps us make the music that we really like.

Why have you name your third album "elysium" - because of your similar bandname or because of the movie with matt damon?
Well, none of the two actually:
We like to write songs about epic tragedy, and came up with the idea to write a song about a soldier who has lost everything and is ready to confront his death. The mythical afterlife for the Greek was called Elysium, so we chose to give that name to the song. We liked that so much that we called this album 'Elysium'. The confusion it possibly creates with our bandname (which is essentially an alternative spelling for the same thing, like 'Muses Elizium' written by Michael Drayton around 1600) is coincidence, but in the end we like using the two names. They seem to complement each other in some kind of weird way.

How would you declare your kind of style to anyone, who has never heard about Elizium?
We like to use the name 'dark rock' to describe the music. It's a term that's also used by bands like Paradise Lost, Katatonia and Lake of Tears, all of which make music that relates a little to the music we make. Basically we make powerful melodic metal with a lot of emotion attached to it. I don't think we fit perfectly in any of the larger genres that nowadays exist, but some crossover between doom, gothic and rock can be heard in our songs.

Which musical influences have you integrated in your new album?
That's hard to tell, we all have different musical taste, but have very distinctive thoughts about what our music should sound like. To us it's more a kind of feeling we want to achieve. We like dark and sad melodies, but with power behind it. There has to be some light at the horizon that keeps us going despite all the tragedy that surrounds us. That's a general feeling we like to translate into music.

Which are the main differences to the former albums?
I do think there's a difference with former material we made. This time we have used much more dynamics in our songs. False Prophet, for example, is a song that very slowly builds to a climax towards the end and 'To Live' is maybe our most intimite song we ever recorded.
I guess it's a natural progression in which we create our own characteristic sound and we continue to develop that. In essence it's a personal exploration for us as well. Many songs deal with personal things we face and as such the music matures with our own experiences.
Production-wise, the new album has a more open sound, drums are breathing and in general it is not defined as polished which helped us realising a distinctive record that sounds very honest.

How will you promote the album? Is facebook, instragram or twitter important for you?
We use Facebook sometimes as an outlet for news about the band, but we rely mainly on metal sites/magazines, word of mouth and the videos we produce. For this album, we worked together with a Dutch actor who played in Game of Thrones and is specialised in medieval martial arts to help us produce a video for the title-song of Elysium.
I think in general the social media do not appeal that much to us. I think our personal opinion about things is not that important. We like to give listeners the freedom to interpret our music in a way that's personal to them, and social media are mostly about ventilating opinions. Therefore we like to use it only for announcements. When fans like to get in touch with us they can do that anytime by mailing or messaging us - please feel free to do so! We like interaction with people about experiences around life and music, but value a more personal approach.

Are there any concerts or tourings in planning?
We will start touring again early in 2016. We will start in the Netherlands and are still working on plans to perform abroad. The release and the making of the videoclip took a lot of time so now we're ready on concentrating to bring the music live to the audience.

Anything else to say?
Thanks a lot for the opportunity to tell something about us, best wishes for 2016 and make sure to check us out on www.elizium.nu.

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