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New video: War in Heaven

Posted by raldnor // May 27, 2014 // in News //


Elizium has released the latest video from their album 'Relief by the Sun', from the song 'War in Heaven'.

Although the recordings for the videoclip already took place in 2011 (the same time that their previous video 'Rotten' was shot) it took almost three years to create the final version.

War in Heaven is about a conflict lasting for aeons, between groups of angels that rule the heavens. Their heavenly duty to watch over mankind forsaken, they bestow corruption and violence onto each other and the world beneath them.

The first edit of this video was ready in draft form in 2012, when a corrupt disk destroyed the work done at that point. Since the available backups did only contain very rudimentary edits the decision was made to start over again. When in 2013 one of the band members was struck with a disease, the release of this video was futher delayed.

Now that it's finished Elizium is proud to present: War in Heaven.

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