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Powermetal.de: Goosebumps

Posted by raldnor // April 17, 2016 // in News //

The German webzine Powermetal.de reviewed Elysium, mentioned having goosebumps while listening and awarded the album a solid 8 out of 10.


Google translation:

Gloomy melodies from the Netherlands.

It is not only confusing, but also arouses interest, if a band called ELIZIUM released an album entitled "Elysium". Whatever the reason, the group from the South Holland Zoetermeer this name (the album, the band's name will probably go back to the 1990 long player FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM) has chosen, at least me not to bring with so little gimmicks entirely from. The best thing is the fact that the music can even convince.

The Dutch rummage namely deep in mothballs and blow the dust from the now quite neglected treated Dark Rock. After the excursion into the mainstream by Popper as HIM and THE RASMUS's are in fact long gone really what to hear from this direction. Well, that may be my own fault, ELIZIUM have already been produced for over 17 years. And fortunately skin the five team a ordentlice serving heavy metal in the dark rock, which is why "Elysium" is likely to pass as Gothic Metal, an equally not too busy genre.

In fact, the melodies are on the third album of the doomsayers in the center, but the songs are moving off the beaten paths pop. For the reef by Peter Roege are too strong and loud and for that sings and shouts Peter Berends too intoxicating with its captivating dark voice. Nevertheless, spherical keyboards are of course just as hip as slow rhythm.

Beautifully be highlighted, all these elements in the grand goosebumps ballads 'Your Heaven My Hell' and 'To Live', the dark anthem '14' and the mini epic 'Dark Defined', which has played right into my heart , Equipped with a great cover, punchier production and lovely cultivated booklet CD there in exchange for slim money the German label STF Records. Can I really put your heart!

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